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Sponsored Social Media

11th June 2014

Sponsored social media has been around for several years now but has been growing in popularity recently as marketers rely less on traditional PPC and display advertising and more on the targeted advertising that social media offers. 'Sponsored social media' is defined by the Journal of Brand Strategy as the practice of "compensating a social media publisher or influencer in exchange for some promotion, review or mention on their social media channel(s)".

Social media sponsorship is more sophisticated than pure online advertising and has evolved to become the type of practice that can deliver a campaign across a number of social media channels and platforms with increased accuracy of targetting and user interaction. Quality is an important factor, particularly as this practice becomes more widespread and sponsored posts become more competitive. Companies are beginning to expect real return on investment for their social posts and, likewise, publishers are demanding real monetary compensation for sponsored social media posts.

Lawless-Relf Marketing are experienced at working on sponsored social media campaigns and can create tailored campaigns which bring together your PPC ads, social media posts and offline activities to increase your sales. Contact us today to find out more, email sarah@lawless-relf-marketing.co.uk or call 01303 890773.

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