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Happy 15th Birthday to eBay!

1st September 2014

Can you believe that eBay has just turned 15? Since launching in 1999, the online auction site has become a worldwide success and has almost 20 million customers in the UK alone (more than 1/3 of the adult population).

eBay has revolutionised online shopping and, over the years, has made headlines for the weird and wonderful purchases through the site. Famous examples include:

  1. The original 1923 Hollywood sign which sold for $450,400
  2. A woolly mammoth skeleton sold in 2004 for £61,000
  3. A Gulfstream jet sold in 2001 for $4.9m
  4. Chewing gum spat out by Britney Spears which sold for $263
  5. Justin Timberlake's half-eaten toast which sold for $3,000

Other interesting items have included an invisibility cloak, a bucket of water, an imaginary friend and ghost in a jar!

According to Tanya Lawler, the UK Managing Director of eBay, the future direction for the company will be a type of CRM which combines technical knowledge with a greater understanding of user behaviour.

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